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“Defying” Gravity?

See on – Starman’s Meanderings It really annoys me to hear people say that someone is defying the “Law of Gravity.” You cannot defy gravity, you can only work within its bounds. You can apply sufficient force in the … Continue reading

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Mars is not the closest planet to Earth!

See on – Starman’s Meanderings Despite the commonly held belief that Mars is our nearest planetary neighbor, it isn’t. In some sense, the Moon could be considered a planet (certainly it is much larger than dwarf planet Pluto), but … Continue reading

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Curiosity lands on Mars, the Perseids & More

The next Martian rover, dubbed “Curiosity,” is scheduled to land this coming Sunday evening NASA’s newest and most ambitious unmanned Martian rover mission to date is scheduled to land on the Red Planet on Sunday (5 August, 2012, North American … Continue reading

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Sternmann: Ouch… It’s Sting Season Again!

See on – Starman’s Miscellania In contrast to what has been an abnormally hot and dry Spring and Summer for Denver, over the past few days we have had thunderstorms a decent bit of rain. See on

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