I am voting, without apology, for Barack H. Obama

Read this at your own peril. I am not a communist, a socialist, nor an Islamist. Neither is Barack H. Obama. We are both Americans by birth, and both committed to the American ideal, which puts the betterment of the whole over the betterment of the priveleged and the well-to-do. This is a fact of the which Barack Obama is clearly honest. I fully agree. I sincerely and utterly abhor the lies and distortions of the Republican candidate.

Let me be clear. I do not fully or in many cases even partially agree with the policies of Barack Obama. I many ways, especially in regard to the environment, gLobal warming and wildlife, I think that Obama has been too weak and too willing to compromise on important issues for political gain.

But I also understand that Obama is in an incredibly difficult situation, and must choose amongst options which in many cases range from horrible to at best, less bad. It is not an easy situation, and I do not always agree, but I am firmly convinced that his choices, overall, have been considerably better than his predecessor and clearly better than the choices that are likely to be made my Mitt Romney if he is elected.

My Dad was a Marine. This whole blog was precipitated by an article about a MArine who came back from overseass as a triple amputee, and who has, as the epitome, has made much of himself, despite the arrogance and self-importance of those who advocated sending this now American hero into the line of fire for their own personal gain. Clearly, and without any question whatsoever, this Marine is a true American hero who deserves anything reasonable that this country can offer in orly partial consideration of the enormous sacrificed that he has made. I note that the same is true for many female veterans.

(For the record, I grew up during the Vietnam era, but never served in the military.) Once a Marine, always a Marine, but my DAd is gone now. He lived to 96 and has been gone for almost exactly 3 years, having passing away on Saturday, 24 October 2009. He and I had many issues and I cannot speak for him. However, despite his gruff exterior, he always favored the poor over the well-to-do, the disadvantaged over the privileged, the meek over the arrogant. He was not in favor of the abuses of unions and clearly preferred the independence of ultimate personal responsibility over the faux security of unionization or the arrogance of corporations. These are values he imparted to me, and while we had great differences, I am grateful for what he taught me.

I do not think that I am out of line in saying that I am sure that my Dad would have preferred the middle-class centered approach of Obama over the arrogance and transparent lies of Romney.

The vast majority of American military come from lower to middle-class backgrounds, as did my Dad and as do I. I just hope that all can understand that intelligent compassion is greater than arrogant strength. We cannot back down from direct attacks and we need a strong military to combat evil where ever it arises. On the other hand, it is wrong to ignore the needs of the American people and the safety of those brave souls who protect us, in favor of protecting the foreign investments of corporations and individuals who prey on the patriotism of ordinary Americans.

Every adult has a right, an obligation, to express his or her opinion and to participate in the American way, the American process. You may not agree with me, but I favor the average person and the underprivileged over the well-to-do. I prefer logic and rationality with compassion over complete personal interest. I believe that while humans are a part of Nature and we obviously have every right to express our opinions and desires, we are just a portion of the whole picture. I believe that the “right” action is the one that favors the majority over the individual, the masses over the rich, and the weak over the artificially strong.

You might think that my views are Communist or Socialist, and if you do, all that shows is your ignorance of what being an American is all about. Communism in particular is an idealistic view that is easily corrupted through the abuse of power, and perhaps the weakness of individuals in opposing it. The evil of Communism and its failures lie much more in the arrogance of power and force of personality than in the meekness and compliance of the public. I am in no way absolving a people or a population from responsibility in the abuses of Communism, but it is clear (to me at least) that a poorly educated populace is easily manipulated, easily corrupted.

Our decades long de-emphasis on personal responsibility, the absence of critical thought in schools,and an open system that allows — even encourages — lies from the corporate structure, places the American public at a disadvantage that works to the advantage of the privileged, the wealthy, and the unscrupulous. Sadly our system works to the advantage of the rich and to the detriment of the poor and middle classes. Don’t be hoodwinked and literally lied to by the well-heeled and rich. Use you intelligence and your common sense. Vote accordingly. Vote for the advantage of the many over the privileged. I am not against the privileged, but it is clearly UN-AMERICAN to think that they are more deserving that the average person.

I am not a huge fan of Barack Obama. But he is clearly more in favor of the individual — the teeming masses if you will — privilege and arrogance, so clearly evidenced in the form of Mitt Romney (Wop, by the way, apparently is ashamed to go by his real first name, Willard. To be clear, “Willard” is a fine name, so why is “Mitt” so ashamed of it (rhetorical question, consider as you will. although I will notice that Obama’s first name is indeed “Barack” about which he is clearly an honest.

I will vote for Obama, and my fervent hope is that America will come to the understanding that the best interest of our Country, and the world, is a society that values the contributions of the middle class and even the poor over the arrogance of the rich.


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