“Supermoon” comes and goes, Earth abides

Well, we survived another minor astronomical “event” that some folks feared as a potential killer. I read comments from apparently completely uninformed posters on the Internet about their expectations of more crime, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The fact is, human observation is not very good, especially when associating natural events with human beliefs and behavior. We make sloppy observations, combine them with selective memories, and strengthen them by telling the stories over and over.

Yes, there are murders at the time of Full Moon and even the “supermoon.” There can be earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires and hurricanes. Babies are born during these times, too and some people act crazy. But clear-headed scientific observation and data collection do not support the idea that these things happen *more* on average during the Full or “super” Moon. On average, bad things happen as much at the time of New Moons, Quarter Moons, Crescent Moons, Gibbous Moons, Moons that are 2.683645 days old and so on. They happen in April as well as October. On occasion there may be more murders, babies born and so on during these times than at other times, but in the long run the idea that the Moon controls human destiny simply is not true. It is like astrology, and as I have had before, it’s a crock.


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