Join the party! “Gain” an hour!

(Note: this is a slight revision of an article I trot out every few years at DST changeover time.)

Come on down! We’re all getting together for a party celebrating the fact that once again we are “gaining” back an hour of time we lost to the governmental charade called Daylight Saving Time back in March. They said that it would make us all more energy efficient and save tons of money so that we can all retire to beachfront property in Maui! Or so we are led to believe. Yea! We’re all staying up until 2 a.m. Sunday morning to set our clocks back an hour!

But party while you can, as we will “lose” that hour again come early March.

Sounds like fun, huh? Despite the politicians who ramble on about energy savings and safety issues, I can’t help believe but that this is some big conspiracy by big business to somehow squeeze more money out of us in the name of energy conservation.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not normally a conspiracy theorist, and certainly I am now and have for all my adult life been in favor of energy conservation and the need to combat adverse environmental change such as global warming (yeah, even back in the 70s). However, I think the arguments in favor of Daylight Saving Time are specious at best. My favorite analogy is to cutting off a foot of blanket at the top of your bed and sewing it onto the bottom, "to make it longer"! Yeah, right!

Anyway, the Sun doesn’t know the difference. He will keep to his regular schedule, no matter what hour we choose to call it. And unless you live in one of the few areas (including Arizona and a few other places) where they don’t join in the insanity, you don’t have much choice.

Oh, and if you want to skip the party but don’t want to stay up late on Saturday night to fool with the 2 a.m changeover, just set your clocks ahead an hour at bedtime Saturday. I won’t tell.

For more interesting information, see:
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Clear skies and good observing. And get some sleep, you’ll need to make up for the missed hour on Sunday morning!

Larry S.


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