Keystone XL is a Terrible Idea

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Keystone XL is a bad idea. A terrible idea. It is an environmental mistake and a huge, huge catastrophe in the making. No one profits except the energy companies, their promoters, and a small and frankly insignificant number of temporary workers. The American public as a whole loses. Energy companies get richer, our environment is degraded, and in the end, we the people will pay more for energy. Keystone XL promoters have filled the airwaves and the Internet with lies, false promises, and the idea that to oppose them is somehow unAmerican.

The reality is that many Americans have been hoodwinked because they are more willing to believe political rhetoric that fits their 1950s mindset and the idea that we Americans have the right to do whatever we want, to live however we want and damn the cost to the future. While President Obama was full of environmental promises, now he slants environmental reality to fit his political advantage, and he will up calling Keystone XL the best overall choice. He will approve it, and we, the people, will lose.

If by some stroke of luck Keystone XL does not go forward, there will be a backlash by the big energy companies, and costs to the public will go up anyway. The energy companies will punish us for opposing them. This is the political system we live in. This is the political system we have installed through our votes.

If this makes you mad, contact Obama, contact your senators and representatives and let them know how you feel. Otherwise, just sit back and take it.


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