Beware the “Awn”

It’s that time of year again for nasty little grass awns. This piece is several years old, but still perfectly applicable.

Starman's Meanderings

This is not related to the sky or observing, but is something about which any pet-owner, and especially the owner of outdoor pets, should be aware.
(The image here is of just ograss awnsne type of awn. Typically they are shaped like a dart or spearhead, and about a half inch long.)

We have been aware of this and have been trying to protect our dogs for years. However, a little over a week ago (I do not know the exact timing) one of our dogs was “infected” with a “grass awn,” basically a seed from various tall grasses. Nature has programmed these seeds to bury themselves in the ground for proper germination. It seems to be a particularly effect method of propagating the species of plant and, in that sense, one of Nature’s triumphs.

It isn’t all good, though. You see, the “awn” cannot distinguish between soil and skin…

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