Remember Mayflower?

EPA photo of Mayflower, AR, oil spillRemember Mayflower, Arkansas? Since the Mayflower spill on March 30, 2013, there have been a number of other large oil spills  on American soil or in American waters, some even larger than Mayflower. Fortunately, Mayflower was not located over a major aquifer, and while a very serious spill, was not catastrophic on a regional level.

However, a larger spill even over remote and apparently less sensitive areas can have major, major consequences.

President Obama has indefinitely postponed any decision on approval of the much contested Keystone XL tar sands pipeline out of Alberta, but of course this is likely only until after the elections in the fall. He or the next president could still approve it, and that would be a very bad thing, in my opinion. The last section of the proposed Keystone Pipeline crosses the highly sensitive and vital Ogallala aquifer. Serious breaches of the pipeline, such as which have already occurred elsewhere, could contaminate and render undrinkable the available water for millions in the Great Plains.

Couple this fact with the additional facts that the oil from this pipeline goes overseas and does not alleviate American energy independence; that the pipeline benefits NOONE except the big oil companies; and that the very existence of this pipeline is a slap in the face to the average American. It will not bring the many jobs it promises, and what jobs it does create will be temporary.

The Keystone Pipeline is a very bad idea for everyone except the big oil companies.


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