Lies will not make “America Great Again”

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It is clear that all politicians lie or distort the truth to some extent, but it also is oh so obvious that Trump simply has no shame and no conscience. So many lies and complete fabrications just to get people to vote for him. When I was a child — back in the 50s that so many people today allude to when they think about a “great” America — I was taught that lying was wrong and that distorting the truth was the same as lying. I learned in Church that Christianity was devoted to the Truth and that “…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

It seems that today many have forgotten this, and that many in later generations never learned it. Today more than ever, people accept the lies that confirm what they want to be true, or perhaps just what the manipulators what us to believe. The real truth, contrary as it may seem to the trumped up and racist vision of a “great” America, is ignored, denied, distorted and even vilified. And to make it worse, we tend to get all our “news” from outlets that are nothing more than propaganda factories. The real news, from sources that aspire to the old-fashioned idea of unbiased journalistic integrity, are maligned and denounced as biased in favor of the “other side.”

I wish we could go back to a time when we had more confidence in our public figures. It was so long ago I do not remember much directly, but I have warm and fuzzy feelings for the 50s. And I always kind of liked Ike. I feel comfortable that he did not tell such major lies and that he truly had the best interests of the American people at heart. Of course, this is mostly after the fact, as I was in gradeschool then. But that was a time when, in my mind at least, America seemed happier.

Sadly, Trump is no Ike. We can’t go back to the 50s, but we can make America greater by making politicians responsible for their lies and distortions. It won’t be by sitting back and buying into the deception and lies. Something I read recently said that “nice people made the best Nazis” because they did not resist, they did not complain, they just let it happen because they were afraid. I do not think we are in that same situation, but there is a remarkable amount of fear and hatred in this country right now. If we let it continue, America will be “great” only for the rich and powerful. We all have an obligation to find the truth, and not just guzzle down the snake oil that feeds our often distorted idea of how things should be. Please, wake up America.


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