Finland, the country that doesn’t exist

Finland_The_Baltic_Sea_-_MERIS_-_31_May_2002_node_full_image_2To a certain extent I can understand how rumors get started and how certain conspiracy myths spread. In some cases they start with a modicum of reality and stretch it into shapes that overly distrustful folks and/or those with overly active imaginations can latch onto. Take “chemtrails” for example. We can all see planes flying overhead and the long, white, cloudlike wakes they sometimes leave behind. The passing resemblance to crop dusting planes and the fact that the trails originate in jet-fuel guzzling and stratosphere polluting engines can, I suppose, confuse those with poor reasoning ability.

(Image of Finland and the Baltic Sea courtesy of the European Space Agency, 31 May 2002)

On the other hand, there are some conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific ideas that completely baffle me as to how they survive in this Internet world. “Flat Earth” and “Hollow Earth” myths being among them. The same technology that spreads such garbage should also quite easily provide abundant proof that they are so ridiculously wrong. Or it would seem.

And now there is one I have never heard of before, one that is so absurd I am stunned that it got spread in the first place. It seems that some folks do not believe that the nation of Finland actually exists. Despite a culture that goes back thousands of years, a fully developed and intricate language, and participation in international affairs, Finland apparently is a myth, a fake-state fabricated for political reasons in a collusion between historically unfriendly nations. It is hard to imagine a greater piece of stupidity.

I’ll let Brian Dunning fill you in on the details from his Skeptoid podcast:

And while you are reading, enjoy Finlandia by Sibelius:



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4 Responses to Finland, the country that doesn’t exist

  1. Suvi says:

    Hahah how funny! Here I am in this make believe land commuting to work in a very ordinary bus 🤔 Cheers!

    • Starman says:

      I just goes to show how ignorant and wrong-minded people can be! (Another, and more frightening proof is that people actually voted for Donald Trump for president. That one I will never understand.) BTW, do you get to see the aurora borealis often?
      Larry Sessions
      Denver, Colorado USA

      • Suvi says:

        I live in Southern Finland where the Aurora is very rare. So unfortunately no! In the North it’s more common but of course only in winter. Now summer is here and thus we are enjoying almost constant sunlight 👌

      • Starman says:

        I have seen it only once, from about 30 km North of my house in Denver, Colorado, about 25 years ago. It appeared here as moving red curtains. Pretty amazing!

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