Earth’s Forests are “Diminished Imitations” of “Real” Trees

eyehour_hstI want to be optimistic about humanity — I really do. But it seems like every morning I wake up to a new low in the annals of human stupidity.

Let me make up an example. This may be believed by some people for all I know, but I am just using it here to make a point.

I know of a gas cloud out in space, called MyCn 18, that looks remarkably like a human eye. Therefore, since it looks like an eye, it must be an eye. And since it is this great and magnificent eye in space, it must be the eye of God himself (herself). Do you follow my reasoning here? I’m sure you will agree that this makes sense, right?

Disregard the facts that the rest of God’s body is invisible and presumably He (She?) is a cyclops, or the clear evidence that this is really the end result of a star at the end of its lifetime. No, let’s just ignore the information that reason and astronomical evidence provide, and proclaim that this is the veritable eye of God, just because it looks like what I think it the eye of God should look like. Reasonable, wouldn’t you agree?

lead_960Well, that is essentially the process that has gone on in the mind (I use the word loosely) of a Crimean video producer (Людин Рɣси ) who apparently thinks that the Earth is flat and all our forests are fakes, or at best miniature versions of “real” trees. The evidence? Geological structures around the world that bear a resemblance to giant tree stumps, such as Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

Since Devil’s Tower looks like a giant tree stump, it must be a giant tree stump, and as such it serves as clear evidence of the real forests that once covered Earth.  Impeccable logic, as anyone can see.

Yeah, right. While there are perfectly good geological explanations for such structures, supported by solid evidence and reasonable physical processes, some people would prefer to believe their own fantasies, perhaps because their minds are too small to accept reality.

It is just stupefying that even one person would be deranged enough to buy this, but the thought that the video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and that “thousands” of people are ready to believe this bilge is simply brain numbing. The “concept,” if we are willing to call it such, would be on a par the idea that squirrels are little aliens in disguise who are plotting to take over the world and erect a temple in which to worship the Great Pumpkin. I mean, honestly, this is pure insanity.

Certainly the Internet bears major blame here. We have always had idiots, but the Internet just makes it easier for them to display their stupidity.

Maybe I shouldn’t even mention this or pass it on, because it may thereby reach susceptible warped minds that will believe it. But I trust that anyone reading this is not at risk, and it just fascinates me to know that such morons exist. To be clear, I am referring  to the people who believe this crap, and in particular the flat-earther who made the video, not to Sam Kriss, the author of the article in the Atlantic.

Well here, read it yourself:

To be honest, I have yet to figure out what this has to do with the “concept” of a flat Earth, but it certainly is on par with that kind of warped thinking.

* * *

(By the way, there are a number of gas clouds in space that look at least vaguely like eyes. Most are the product of stellar death, known as “planetary nebulae” because they also look a bit like planets through a telescope. One in particular, usually called the “Helix Nebula,” is also called the “Eye of God” or sometimes, “The Eye of Sauron.”)

(Photo of Devil’s Tower courtesy of the National Park Service.
The Eye of an Hourglass Nebula Credit: R. Sahai and J. Trauger (JPL), WFPC2 Science Team, NASA)


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