Daylight Saving Farce

Daylight Saving Time ClocksDaylight Saving Time returns this Sunday morning at 2 am for most of the US and Canada. As I have written several times before, this is an ill considered and costly practice that does more harm than good. Usually sold to the public as somehow saving energy or helping farmers or keeping school children safe, it does now of those things. In fact, there is reason to believe that it actually makes matters worse.  I am not going to go into all that right now, but will refer you to an excellent article in Forbes: The 5 Reasons To Keep Daylight Saving Time Have No Science To Back Them Up

The author of the aforementioned article, astrophysicist Ethan Siegel, lists the following 5 Reasons commonly used to promote Daylight Saving Time:

1.) It saves fuel.
2.) It helps farmers.
3.) Daylight Saving Time improves safety.
4.) We enacted it for energy conservation.
5.) Daylight Saving Time is now standard.

But in fact, as Siegel points out and I agree, none of these reasons is true. In fact, the evidence shows that Daylight Saving Time actually hurts energy conservation and appears to lead to more deaths. And yet we continue endure this ridiculous practice, dutifully springing forward and falling back each year.

Why? It generally boils down to special interest groups or business concerns with vested interests buying off the votes of members of Congress, who in turn vote in favor of the special interests with no regard to the effect on the public. The link above gives a better argument, but that is the main reason in a nutshell.

Daylight Saving Time comes, originally, from a joke of Benjamin Franklin. I’m sure that Franklin never thought anyone would take the idea (which he actually proposed for France, Paris in particular, not the US). But here we are. Feeble-minded Congress members, swayed by financial contributions from special interests and businesses (the small minority that actually benefit from the policy), impose disruptive and egregious rules on the American public.

Of course this is not the only example, but it is clearly motivated not by reason, evidence and the best interests of the people. Daylight Saving Time saves nothing except the financial interests of Congress and businesses that profit from it.

Daylight Saving Time is a farce and should be abolished.



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